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  • you can stalk me on my twitter if you think that will help lmao
  • fic featuring platonic relationships is also a-okay
  • i love angst. love love loveeeeee angst. if you wanna give me sads, heap them on, i'm ready.
  • pining is also wonderful, whether it be mutual pining or pining that one party thinks is unrequited. i love that stuff.
  • that weird "are we dating or do we just making out in the club room/behind the equiment shed sometimes" gray area is one of my favorites and i will fall for it every time.
  • that said i will also die over just about anything so if fluff is more your speed, i'm down for that too.
  • canon verse and aus in general (excluding barista/uni aus) are both great
  • pls avoid the following: vore, scat, a/b/o, piss/omo/watersports, eye horror, and the horror genre as a whole. 
  • nsfw: other than the stuff listed above i'm good with just about anything. if it's standard nsfw chances are it's good w me. 

daiya stuff:
  • i will love you forever if you write one of the ships that doesn't have as much content, if you're up for that! (ie kurasawa, miyutanba, furusawa, chrisawa)
  • i figure it has bearing so i'll mention it: miyuki is my absolute favorite character and chances are if you write him well in any of the ships i requested i will be happy no matter what
  • that said: i said it in the gen section but it goes double here: platonic or romo is a-okay here, i just love these boys so much.
  • for any of the ships listed i'm good with pre-relationship or established relationship! (i'm even okay with post-relationship if you want to make me hurt, tbh)
  • if you're going to be working in canon verse, pre-canon, during canon ("deleted scenes"/codas), or post-canon is fine. 
  • i'm all caught up on the anime but i'm not caught up on the manga so please avoid super heavy spoilers/super heavy references to characters that don't come in until act 2 
  • i usually conceive of miyuki as a trans boy, but please don't feel like you have to incorporate it/explicitly talk about it if you're not comfortable handling it (in fact, unless you're super comfortable taking it on i suggest just leaving it be)
  • i unfortunately don't have a lot in the way of prompts, but just know i'm open to just about anything with daiya because there's just not as much content to start with. i'm happy to read just about anything. 
  • i have a pacrim au in the works so i would greatly prefer not getting one as a gift, just because it'll make me feel really weird when i go back to working on my own, y'know?
  • please avoid romo misawa in every way. 

yuri!!! on ice stuff
  • you should be able to tell from my sign-up but in case it isn't clear: yuri plisetsky is my everything and i will eat up just about anything you throw at me.
  • character study/introspection is absolutely a safe route to take here and i highly encourage it! whether it be his relationship with other skaters (his dynamic with yuuri is one of my favorite parts of the entire show), his relationship with skating and/or ballet (i live for those ballet scenes—LIVE FOR THEM), etc etc
  • some prompts that you can take or leave that may or may not match up with my sign-up, oops:
    • yuri hanging out with the younger skaters (leo, guang-hong, and/or phichit whether as a group or just one or two of them) so he can just. relax and hang out with other people his age and get a reminder, maybe, that skating and being part of the community can be fun!
    • yuri and otabek doing literally anything. examples: otabek braiding yuri's hair, the two of them touring around wherever they are for competitions together on a motorcycle, yuri watching otabek do anything, otabek watching yuri do anything—like. i ain't picky. can be pre-relationship (pining that they believe is unrequited is MY JAM) or established relationship, or just a platonic rendering of their relationship. seriously, i'm so open to anything with these two.
    • like i said: anything featuring yuri and yuuri's dynamic is going to get my attention real fast so go wild. whether it be something like yuri having complicated not-quite-crush-but-definitely-not-purely-platonic-admiration-feelings for yuuri or just yuuri's role as a figure in yuri's life (or vice-versa! i feel like there's a lot of talk of yuuri's impact on yuri but not as much the other way around), i'm just. i'm here for all of it. 
    • if you want to throw victor into the above somehow, also here for that.
    • yuri and yuuko: in my head i'm thinking about yuuko being an embarrassing surrogate older sister he calls sometimes when he just wants to blow off steam and she encourages him in gentle ways without being overbearing, until he brings otabek at which point she immediately can't stop asking questions and being ridiculous because she knows he's crushing and. yeah. take this wherever you will.
    • i'll take anything pre-series that features phichit and yuuri, their friendship is so sweet and i kinda hc that they've made out a few times so just. anything about them from before the series beginning is something i would love. 
    • victuuri: if this is what we matched on, i'm so sorry, because i don't have a lot really specific with regards to prompts/their dynamic? i'll take anything with them being domestic, tbqh, especially if you can take it somewhere humorous. i think there's so much room for humor in their relationship, especially as they figure out living together.
    • oh my god i'm rambling i'm so sorry
  • a sidebar: i'm working on a pacrim au of my own so i would greatly appreciate if you could avoid that. in a similar vein: avoid hogwarts aus because if our sorting hcs don't line up that's gonna get real awkward real fast
fire emblem:
  • i looked at my sign-up and laughed at how one-track i am, oops.
  • i just want more lucisev content. i want it so bad. i'll take just about anything.
  • but to lend some specifics: i love anything from severa's point of view where she's 100% convinced her crush will always be unrequited and lucina absolutely has a crush back but doesn't know how to even begin expressing it.
  • severa being one of the few people that looks after/watches over lucina because she's always looking out for everyone else.
  • lucina and severa in general letting down their guards around each other is [prayer hand emojis]
  • i love bad timeline stuff that occurs before the kids go back into the past to fix things; again, i love angst and grim settings so destroyed!ylisse is my jam
  • nightmares about bad timeline is one of my faves too.
  • post-canon exploring the world together? go for it.
  • chrobin is my absolute no1 fea otp so i'd greatly appreciate it if you're going to reference parents that lucina is robin's daughter
  • i'm partial to stahl!severa but i'm not picky/that's not a dealbreaker for me in anyway if you want to take it another route. 
  • gerome rounds out my top three of the fea kids so anyway you want to incorporate him is a-okay with me, if that has any bearing
  • my inclincation as you can probably tell is canon verse but i'm open to aus too!
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FIRST OF ALL I AM SO SO SORRY i thought i did this but apparently i only did my parallels letter so thank you thank you thank you in advance for your patience that i do not deserve

i'll just get right to it 

general likes + dislikes:
  • you can stalk me on my tumblr and my twitter
  • nsfw is a-okay
  • fic featuring platonic relationships is also a-okay
  • i love angst. love love loveeeeee angst. if you wanna give me sads, heap them on, i'm ready. 
  • that said i will also die over just about anything so if fluff is more your speed, i'm down for that too.
  • canon verse and aus in general are both great
  • pls avoid the following: vore, scat, abo, watersports, and the horror genre as a whole

i don't have any specific prompts because i am terrible of thinking of story ideas and when i do i kinda. usually want to execute them myself? i don't know how else to put that, tbqh. so i'll just go over general preferences re: each dynamic

daiya stuff:
  • i don't expect you to write something that encompasses every pairing there, omg—if you wanna just do one, do one, if you wanna do a focus on one with one as a side pairing, or any combo of any kind, i'm on board.
  • any of the pairings listed are great and i would love to encourage content for the lesser-loved ones especially (harumiyu, okumiyu, kurasana), but my daiya otp is forever and always kuramiyu. 
  • i'm good for anything in terms of pre-relationship, established relationship, even post relationship if you want to make me hurt.
  • same goes for pre-canon or during canon or post-canon.
  • or aus.
  • as you can tell i'm not very picky lol i just want more daiya content that isn't misawa 

hq!! stuff:
  • same as with daiya: i don't expect you to write something that encompasses every pairing listed. if you can pull off a combination, i'm on board.  
  • pre/established/post relationship is all good with me
  • if you can avoid iwaoi as being a previous relationship i would greatly appreciate it
  • (if, say, you're writing asadaisuga or kagesuga or something and want iwaoi in the background as an established relationship, that's fine. previous iwaoi as a springboard for oikage, ushioi, oisuga—not so much
  • i'd love post-canon fics for any of the ships i included. the potential for growth for all of them is a++
  • ^ the one exception to this is ukatake bc ukatake trying to be subtle and keep their relationship from the team is one of my faves
  • but in general if you wanna do canon timeline i'm more than down for that!

knb stuff:
  • this is one thing i can be specific on!!
  • post-canon nijiaka where they meet and the two of them just. talk. about everything that happened. 
  • or canon nijiaka where nijimura watches akashi from the distance and mourns what happened, wonders if he could have stopped it
  • i just want nijimura to tell akashi everything is going to be okay and that he's proud okay that's alllll i want
  • as for kiyohyuuriko
  • just smush them together so they can be happy. i will take anything and everything for them. 

love live!
  • post-canon eliumi (like maybe at uni?) would be Ideal because the two of them finding each other after experiencing the hectic times of being idols in high school is so [prayer moj]
  • or canon eliumi that lean on each other quietly and mostly out of view of the rest of muse
  • i just—i love renderings of their dynamic where they're just relying on each other to be anchors in the midst of chaos. [thumbs up]
(again, sincerest apologies that this wasn't done sooner)
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oh god hello i'm so terrible at these but i figured it would be best to include one!!

some general stuff:
  • you can stalk me on my tumblr and my twitter
  • nsfw is a-okay
  • fic featuring platonic relationships is also a-okay
  • i love angst. love love loveeeeee angst. if you wanna give me sads, heap them on, i'm ready. 
  • that said i will also die over just about anything so if fluff is more your speed, i'm down for that too.
  • canon verse and aus are both great
  • pls avoid the following: vore, scat, abo, watersports, and the horror genre as a whole

beyond that i'm gonna take this fandom by fandom to keep it simple + easy to navigate

otps include: kuramiyu, chrismiyu, chrisawa

... but honestly i would also love to see tetsumiyu, harumiyu, miyushin bc they're in sore need of content. other ships worth mentioning include furumiyu, kuraryou, ichinen trio.

miyuki is my fave. by far and away. but chris and mochi also hold special places in my heart. honestly all of seido is just. i cry everyday. i'm down for anything in terms of timeline: pre-canon, during canon, post-canon.

please keep in mind i haven't read the manga. i know bits and pieces but if you could keep it spoiler free i would greatly appreciate it.

fe fates:
LEOKUMI IS EVERYTHING LEOKUMI IS LIFE. ryoumarx is just behind it, though. i'll also burn over azurrin (esp with f!corrin) any day of the goshdarned week. and xanlas. and odin/laslow (those supports. THOSE SUPPORTS!!)

for leokumi: give me literally anything and i will love you. pre-relationship, established relationship, new relationship, hate sex, lovemaking—i will take any and all of the above.

for ryoumarx: i will kill for mutually pining kings who think their feelings aren't reciprocated, or a scenario where they're both just like "i can't approach him it would go against duty " and. yeah. you get my drift. but if that's not your speed, it's honestly the same as leokumi: i'll take what i can get bc these stupid idiots deserve more love.

azurrin: anything. literally anything. fluff, angst, pining, idc, i will take it. i'd love anything that focuses on azura and how she views corrin bc we get a lot of the inverse in the game, but go wherever your heart desires, really.

xanlas: slow. burn. this is one of those ships i really dig the retainer/king dynamic esp when layered onto something nsfw but please don't feel like you have to go nsfw for this. also if you go this route, secret prince!inigo as chrom's son would be fascinating to see unfold, either from an introspective point of view from laslow/inigo or something he begins to share with xander as they get closer.

odin/laslow: honestly if you just give me them being nerds i will be content, esp if you throw in severa. 

fe awakening:
i live and die for chrobin everyday of my life. i personally prefer f!robin but if you have trouble with that m!robin is a-okay. anything focused on the blueberry family will win me over in a heartbeat. i will eat up anything whether it's angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, pre-relationship chrobin, post-canon struggles, sacrifice-ending fic—give me anything focusing on the exalted family and my heart is yours.

i would also love to see more lucisev content. i would kill for more lucisev content. i feel like there's a lot of pining fic already for them but honestly i will always be down for more. another ship worth mentioning here is gerome/inigo, and i would actually love to see a fic exploring what happens when/if inigo returns from nohr (just imagine the reunion kiss ok).

zankyou no terror:
this one's easy: i just want my kids to be happy. any kind of au, whether it just be a modified canon timeline or a full-fledged alternate universe, that makes this happen is something i wanna read.

and that's more or less it!  


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